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HEROKids launches October 3rd to an ED/EMS near you!

Posted over 1 year ago by Sonya McBryde

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HERO Kids Registry is a voluntary, no-cost system that lets any Oregon family share critical information 
about their child’s health before an emergency. The information can be accessed quickly and easily by 
emergency medical services (EMS) and hospital emergency department (ED) providers, ensuring they 
have the information they need, when they need it

HERO Kids Registry is available to any Oregon child or young adult ages 0-26. The Registry is especially
useful for medically complex children and young adults who experience chronic health conditions, 
developmental disabilities and/or mental or behavioral health conditions.

Information, recorded presentations, FAQ, printable flyers/posters, registry forms, and other resources available at  www.herokidsregistry.org or herokids@ohsu.edu or call business office 833-770-4376

please include this information in your discharge instructions etc...information will also be sent to your hospital CNO and nurse manager in the next week by HEROKids