Oregon ENA

Only two more days to nominate state officers

Posted 3 months ago by Debbie Sanchez

From Lisa Burk President:

Oregon Emergency Nurses,

 We have discovered an unfortunate error with the elections for 2021 OENA Board. It has come to our attention that the membership list that Nursing Network sent out was very outdated so not all of our members were able to nominate or vote during this election period.

Our board of directors have met and it has been decided that the best way to resolve this is to send out a new call for nominations and election. We have updated the list Nursing Network is using.

I am very sorry that this has occurred and we appreciate your dedication to OENA. We are committed to upholding the integrity of our elections.


The new period for this year’s election:

Call for nominations: September 10-24

Election period: September 25- October 9


Please send your nominations ASAP and vote!  Please send your nominations to toddluther@chiwest.com