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Oregon ENA Election Results are in!

Posted 12 months ago

The Oregon Emergency Nurses Association is pleased to announce the newly elected 2020 board members!!
We are happy to welcome the new 2020 board members:

Lisa Burk – President-Elect
Agnes Gantz – Director at Large
Miranda Hennan – Treasurer
Lauren Habel – Secretary

The Oregon Emergency Nurses Association is working diligently to extend our reach and engage our members to identify our Oregon future leaders.
Thank you for your vote!! You do have a say in the future of our organization!!
The 2020 Oregon Emergency Nurses Association election winners, who will assume their offices Jan. 1, are:

I am outgoing with an eagerness to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas.
Streamline the transition process so new board members will have a guide.
Provide opportunities for emerging nurses and established members to be aware of what ENA can offer professionally.
~ Lisa Burk BSN, RN, CEN
2020 OENA – President-Elect

Effective advocacy, assist with decision-making that pertains to Oregon Nurses, assist with increasing ED nurse’s participation in the ENA, encourage ED nurses to share their voices and become involved in meeting ENA goals as a professional organization nationally, as well as within the state of Oregon.
~ Agnes Kathleen Gantz, MSN, RN, CEN, TCRN
2020 OENA – Director at Large

I tend to think about things logically and see pieces that are missing that others may not see. I have great data manipulation and computer skills and when I commit to something, I don’t give up on it.
~ Miranda Hennan, BSN RN PCCN CEN - Salem, Oregon
2020 OENA - Treasurer

I will bring dedication and a drive to succeed in the role of Secretary for the Oregon ENA. This is reflected in the growth of the High Desert Chapter in Central Oregon. I envisioned forming the new chapter at ENA2018 in Pittsburgh, and it became a reality less than two months later. I feel my previous supervisory roles have provided me with organizational and interpersonal skills that will benefit me in the Secretary role. Additionally, I feel that I can bring a fresh perspective to be shared as the Oregon ENA continues to evolve and grow.
2020 OENA – Secretary