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Volunteer opportunity!!

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Oregon State Council


January 31, 2018


Dear Oregon ENA members,


Enhance your nursing experience by volunteering with the Oregon ENA's Institute for Quality  Safety and Injury Prevention (IQSIP). The IQSIP is dedicated to representing Oregon Emergency Nurses and the patients we serve.


Volunteering with ENA allows members to engage in activities which enhance leadership experience, develop expertise in matters pertinent to emergency nursing, and promote a broader view of health and emergency nursing issues. Volunteers have the opportunity to voice their own opinions and provide information from their own practices through active participation.


Volunteers would participate in activities to support the Oregon ENA' s IQSIP' charges for 2018:


  1. Provide subject matter expertise on quality, safety, and injury prevention relevant to emergency nursing
  2. Generate ideas for program development and implementation for quality, safety, and injury prevention in accordance with the ENA Strategic Plan.
  3. Re vie w and provide feedback on practice resources as


This is an exciting time in the Oregon ENA and IQSIP. Man, y efforts from previous endeavors are rising to fruition and returning meaningful results to Oregon residents.  We encourage all current perspective ENA members to send your letter of interest to ksrogers@lhs.org.


We look forward to meeting the needs of the emergency nurses, our patients, and our communities.


the endeavors of the ENA!

Kitty Rogers MSN, RN, NEA-BC,CEN,CPH

Oregon IQSIP Chairperson

Oregon ENA State Website: https:/ / oregonena.nusringnetwork.com/

Oregon ENA IQSIP Link: https:/ / oregonena.nusringnetwork.com/ page/ 41711-safety-iqsip